A poem to my muse. What inspires you?

27 thoughts on “CO-CREATIONS”

  1. What a Question Stacilys…
    I could write a poem about what inspires me…
    I would say, EVERYTHING inspires me, or in other words, the Creation inspires me…
    The Creation does not refers to beautiful landscapes, flowers, seas and Nature’s wonders… of course the Creation includes such beauties… but YOU, me, and every one, and Life belongs to the Creation, incredible miracles, incredibles gifts… and words too inspire me, because there are a very deep mystery. Besides, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”… there’s something divine in words…
    Moreover, the night helps me to get renew my inspiration. I think at night our mind or our soul is connected to the “Love continuum” (a strange expression to describe the fact there is NO separation between creatures). Well, it’s my way to answer your question. I love your blog Stacilys, because you’re always interested in knowing what your readers think and feel. It is a proof of open-mindedness and generosity… beautiful virtues…
    “Vision is where inspiration is birthed”… that’s it 🙂 yes, exacly, ah! we’re on the same wavelenght…
    love to you my friend! ♥

    1. Ohhhhh, you always say such sweet things Frederic. It puts a smile on my face. It’s so refreshing to connect with people that are on the same ‘wavelength’, don’t you think. It’s like a breath of fresh air.
      It is so easy to see that you are inspired by everything. One day I’ll get there, my friend.
      Love to you

  2. I’m inspired by the prospect of working on a song with you. Does that count? 🙂

    1. YEAH! It sure does. I wish I knew how to record the melody with my voice and send it to you. My hubby is traveling until Thursday night. When he gets back I’ll get him to show me.
      Of course it will be very raw, but you’ll at least hear the melody.
      And do you have any songs yet that you would like me to do the vocals on? If you have any already recorded, you could email me the audio and I could practice or check it out…
      Anyhow, let me know.

      1. I can send you some songs without the vocals and you can rehearse with those songs. That would be fun!

      2. Sure. I’m just not sure that I’ll know how to flow with the song without a vocal guide. But go ahead, I can try and figure it out.

      3. I can send the song with existing vocals for reference, and the same song without vocals.

  3. HI Staci,

    DO not have a muse but I am amused by what I see in the world. Sometimes upset. Read 11 pages of the newspaper on Saturday and stopped. Nothing good was happening anywhere. So uninspired I wrote a Haiku on Monday. Loved your poem and the photo sprinkled with pixie or angel or creation dust. Still confused so will end here before it gets worse. At minute 30 of the movie. Will try another 30 tonight. Powerful and I get it. Others will. But tough when have a premonition of where it’s going to. Best always.


    1. Hey Terry. Did you ever know Patti Kidd? She once told me that when she’s feeling sorry for herself she picks up the newspaper and reads it. Then she thankful that her life isn’t like those that reads in the news. It’s really too bad that all we see in the news is sad.
      Quick question, are you watching the movie with the subtitles? There are subtitles but you may need to activate them. In the lower right hand corner there are some icons. The first is a clock, and the second is to activate captions. It’s the second one you want.

      1. Patti has an interesting view on the news. Kinda’ felt like I was happy that not in the war torn and strife ridden zones but sad that there seem to be so many of them. Felt better when I read Calvin and Hobbes the other night:as I’m sometimes Calvin and at other times Hobbes. Will try the captions. Assuming these are not translations as thought I was to watch it in Portuguese some of which I even understand, amazing as that is. Less harsh than the Portuguese spoken in Portugal or so I am told.

        Leaving you with my Haiku of the other day titled Rudderless to which I have 4 endings, all of which seem to work. Is there one you like better?

        Lost in space
        No disgrace
        Soaring high
        Touch the sky
        Saving grace


        Saving face


        Such a waste


        Not a trace

      2. Hi Terry
        I hear you. Thankful to not be in that situation, but sad that there’s so much pain and suffering.
        Are you fluent in French Terry? I heard that people that know French, can often understand Portuguese. And yes, it is softer than Portugal Portuguese.
        As for the Haiku, I like the first ending. It’s the nicest of the four. Keep up the writing, my friend. I think it can be quite therapeutic.

  4. I love that you are so connected to things, Staci. It’s always inspiring to read what you say, even in a few short words…because you seem to be so in tune with the real stuff. I get caught up in the window dressings of the world at times and fail to make that direct connection to God and His work. You seem to live there 🙂

    My muse? Not sure I have a connection with it…or whatever it is. I guess my muse is whatever it is God wants me to pass on to others. Or ego…lol. It’s a toss up at times…ha ha.

    Glorious stuff my friend.


    P.S don’t think I have forgotten about the film. Just been busy with the boys this summer so want to make sure I have proper time to watch it. But I will!

    1. I have a big smile on my face now Paul, thanks to you.
      I’m so touched by your sweet words. It’s funny because sometimes I do seem to lose my way a bit because of the world’s ‘window dressings’. Just today I was saying to God that I’m having a difficult time just being still and just ‘being’ with Him. I end up with all tons of stuff in my head. All sorts of ideas, philosophical struggles that others are having and make me think. And then once again, I realized that I will never understand it all. I’m just this tiny little speck in light of the world, universe, etc. I was able to come back to myself, in light of it all and regain focus. I just want to have the faith of a child. Knowing that I’m secure with my Father, and that he’s taking care of me.

      There you go with ego again 🙂 It’s our worst enemy isn’t it? I love your writing (not to feed your ego 🙂 ). You have a gift and you’re using it to help others. Here here to that, my friend.

      Ohhhhh, I totally understand. You’ve gotta lap up the summer as much as you can in Canada. No worries. Whenever you get the chance is fine. I’m just honored that you will. As for us here in the south, our spring has sprung – 32 degrees today. Whew!

      Hugs and blessings.

  5. The thought that one day I will write something that inspires me, is my motivation. As in to write something that leaves a sense of positiveness (like the one I’m posting this comment on)…I try but always end up writing something that I feel rather than something I’d like others to feel, so I think the impact of the poetry I write becomes less.
    Beautiful poetry and a thought stirring question. Lovely. 🙂

    1. Your poetry is beautiful. I’ve read a number of your poems. I think it’s wonderful that you write poetry out of your emotions and feelings. I find that that the most soulful poems are those that are written from the heart. When you write what you feel, you could be touching someone else’s heart that can relate to you
      Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation.

      1. By saying that you certainly made my day brighter! Thank you for always being so kind and for your support. It is, wonderful people like you who make me want to make an effort. I’m so happy to find you here on WordPress! 😀 ❤

        Thank you and stay as you are 'cause you are amazing. ❤

      2. Ohhhhhh, I’m so happy to find you here too. I’m so glad that I was able to make your day brighter. I will continue to read your work with expectancy because I know it will be good and from the heart.

        You, as well, are amazing.
        🙂 ❤

  6. Yes I am fluent in French Staci. And thanks for your suggestion as to the ending of my Haiku. I will keep writing but can only do so when inspired or OD’d on coffee and chocolate:-)

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